You’ve completed the iHEALTHe™ 31-Day Reset Plan and the 14-Day Sustain Plan, now you understand the power of this game changing program… DON’T KEEP IT A SECRET!

Help others feel what you now feel and EARN as an iHEALTHe™ Registered Affiliate!

To Qualify as a Certified iHEALTHe™ Affiliate:

  • Purchase and successfully complete the iHEALTHe™ “Reset Your Health” Program which consists of the 31-Day Reset and the 14-Day Sustain Plans.
  • Registration to become an affiliate is free.  Must be approved by iHEALTHe™ Corporate.
  • NDA, Non-compete and copyright infringement agreement is required to be completed. 
  • This is a simple referral program only. Coaching of individuals on the program is prohibited. All clients will be supported by the Certified Coaches and support team.

How the iHEALTHe™ Affiliate Program works:

  • Unique personal link to run campaigns with full tracking in Affiliate back office.
  • Full tracking of current and past sales.
  • A client acquired is tagged to you, and you will earn on any future purchases from this client provided you are in good standing as an iHEALTHe™ Affiliate.
  • Bonus payouts every 7th of the month for previous month sales.
  • $50.00USD bonus per sale of Complete Reset Your Health Program. No cap limits and recurring sales apply. 
  • TBD, bonus paid per sale of the Step 3: Maintain4Life Plan when launched. No cap limits and recurring sales apply.
  • 5th Complete Plan sale per calendar month grants you a free 31-Day Reset Plan + 14-Day Sustain Plan ($1300 Value) to be promoted as a contest to your personal community (rules and regulations apply, training and support provided, 1 per calendar month available).
  • Pre-requisite on sales: only 1 sale per month  is required to remain in good standing as an iHEALTHe™ Affiliate and have Affiliate Back Office access.
  • Use a ‘friends only’ coupon code to give your customers 5% off their purchase. This code will be your username and applied at checkout.
  • Build a team of direct Affiliates and earn from their sales ($15.00USD per Complete Plan sale).