Be Positive About Short Term Sacrifices

by Jason Julian

VP of Business Development, iHEALTHe® Wellness

Whether you’re trying to lose weight for this summer, especially the added pounds from the pandemic lockdown, save money or trying to acquire a new skill, an important piece of the motivational jigsaw is your ability to be positive about making short term sacrifices. 

The choice is fairly simple: you can focus on the “deprivation” involved in giving up certain foods, or you can focus on the benefits you will get by not eating these foods. Sadly, many dieters focus on feeling deprived. After a while they see their diet as a burden, a bore, an evil necessity. 

This is why so many of them quit. They can’t “see” the benefits that weight loss will bring them. If you want to improve your body shape and overall health this summer, you must avoid this trap and appreciate the longer-term benefits you will receive by making short-term adjustments to your lifestyle.

Our philosophy at iHEALTHe is that these short-term sacrifices will not just bring about short-term success, but it will give you back control over your health…a new lifestyle that has no limits! 

You can do this, and we are here for you all the way!

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