If a Little of Something Is Good, Does That Mean More Is Better?

Thoughts by Angelo Vilardo,

iHEALTHe Institute Corporate Head Wellness Coach

This age-old question has greater implications in this era of excessiveness than ever before. Consider that all ecosystems have natural checks and balances that are crucial for optimal performance. The notion that overdoing something is better than just the amount needed creates other unwanted problems. This is especially true in fad diets or weight loss programs.

The question here really should be, “What are the right amounts of intake, from which sources, or even better, where to find the right program?” What makes 5th program or fad diet give you any faith in the 6th? Well the simple proof is in the seeing and hearing from our Reset Champions that have done the 31-Day Reset and live iHEALTHe everyday powerfully. Our mandate is that “It’s best to actually learn, understand, and live the strategies that you’re following rather than just following blindly”. This question of what amounts, when, and ultimately, how your delicate ecosystem needs to operate, is firmly in your control. This is truly living powerfully!!

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