Let’s Talk About Physical Activity

Exercising for weight-loss is more a conversation about timing than it is about its effectiveness. 

Understanding that the order in which we do things is the reason iHEALTHe® Wellness is leading its customers to achieving their wellness and fat loss goals quickly, effectively, and safely. 

Exercising for fat loss is counterproductive, as you’ll have read in our “Stop Exercise” blog. This is not because exercise is bad. This is because it is only effective when it’s done at the right time in this journey we call “THE RESET YOUR HEALTH PROGRAM”. 

There are a whole host of reasons being physically active is part of wellness. 

The reasons for staying in action and performing physical activities are:

  • Oxygenation of the vascular system, blood cells and tissues.
  • Proper draining and flow of the lymphatic system. 
  • Elasticity of the vascular system which has effect over blood pressure. 
  • Elasticity and flexibility of muscles, tendons, and ligaments. 
  • Dopamine release that triggers the pleasure centres of the brain which in turn controls and replaces food cravings. 
  • Vibrations in the body that nourish and soothe the nervous system, relating back to pleasure centers. 
  • Positive mood
  • Body sculpting
  • Endurance and Performance 
  • Prevention of injury 

The list of benefits can go on and on. So, it is evident that incorporation of physical activity is critical to levelling up your experience here with iHEALTHe® Wellness and is not to be taken lightly. 

As we are in constant evolution within our bodies it is imperative that the “I did the program and I’m done” approach be a thought that DOES NOT enter your mind. 

Do not fall out of LOVE and RESPECT for your body, for it is the only place you live.

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