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The program specific information is exclusive to powerful individuals that are currently on the program. You can do the 31 Day Reset with the Proprietary Formulas as often as you like until you achieve your wellness goals. Even once your goal is achieved, many individuals love the health benefits the program gives them, so they do the Reset once a year or as needed. The Proprietary Formulas are designed to support your body during the transition it will go through by protecting your muscle and nervous system, we strongly advised you DO NOT attempt this program without the supportive Formulas.

When you choose to do another Reset you will be granted access to all the wonderful proprietary information again, receive the important Formulas, access to zoom calls, and will be assigned your iHEALTHe Certified Coach.

You can Purchase an iHEALTHe 31 Day Reset here:




As a Reset Champion yourself, you understand that this program is a game changer and no doubt you want everyone you know inspired to get on the correct path to great health and wellness.

We have made it very easy for you to inspire friends and family to jump on board. They save and you get rewarded for introducing them to us. You have automatically been set up with your very own DISCOUNT CODE. Every time one of your friends or family members use it to purchase you get notified in an email. They will receive an extra 10% off the price and, in turn, for every 4 purchases that use your code, you will receive the choice of ONE of the following:

If you do not remember your Personal Discount Code, please email us at ourmission@iHEALTHeWellness.com reqesting it

  • A FREE RESET KIT ($765 Value)
  • 1 YEAR SUPPLY OF MEGA VIT/MIN ($678 Value)
  • 1 YEAR SUPPLY OF DGEST ($636 Value)
  • $200 Digital Visa Card to spend how you’d like online

Send your community the following link below, it will show them what this program can do for them specifically. Make sure you include your DISCOUNT CODE in the body of your message.

What iHEALTHe Can Do For YOU!

For every individual that you get on to the correct path to great health and wellness with iHEALTHe you will receive an instant email showing you who this person is and the number of previous individuals you have engaged as well.

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