Much of My Thoughts Are Geared Towards Not Wasting My Time…

Thoughts by Angelo Vilardo,

iHEALTHe Institute Corporate Head Wellness Coach

I cannot speak for anyone else, but who amongst us likes having their time wasted? In our everyday busy lives, we aim to have our daily tasks completed and we also love to give time to help others with their tasks. I find that I have some days that are very productive and other days not as much. Regardless, I often wonder how I could have made better use of time. After all, it is our most precious, non-renewable commodity. I really enjoy my interactions with people, and my goal is to operate at 100% all the time.

Let’s apply this idea to any set goal. Who likes taking the long road to getting there? I believe the answer is obvious… no one. Accomplishing the goal sooner than later is ideal. Granted, it will take what it takes but, as for me personally, I don’t enjoy spinning my wheels, and neither should you! Applying this to our health, I have taken my health for granted for many years. So, I realized that whatever it is that I do, it must be informative, supportive and lead me on the right sustainable path.

This is what the iHEALTHe Institute’s Reset Your Health Program is about. It is not about keeping you in the dark nor about having you guess what your next step should be. Why spend hundreds of hours researching what you think you should do? The guided iHEALTHe the 31 Day Reset sets you on the most direct path to your goal of health and wellness while helping you shed unwanted pounds.

If your time is precious to you, and you do not want to take a long path to your health goals, then come visit us at

You will appreciate that we do not take your time for granted. It will always be respected.

Much respect,

Coach Ang.

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