What is the iHEALTHe™ Institute?

We are an innovative health education company. Our focus is on awareness and standing for human wellness. The iHEALTHe™ Institute has devised a system that not only puts our Reset Champions health first but has them taking charge of their future sustained wellness. It is a program tailor made to fit ones internal wellness needs that then project out into their daily lives. Trading illness for wellness and weakness for vibrancy with our well devised and supervised Reset Plan. As medicine supports illness, understanding nutrition is for wellness.

Can starving the body create a healthy life and sustained weight loss.?

Starving yourself to lose weight creates more harm than good. Any results achieved are not sustainable! The main problem is that you are missing out on essential nutrients. Crash diets or fad diets can be limited in the variety of food consumed. The side effects of this methodology are abundant. With the iHEALTHe™ “Reset Your Health” program, you will have your body and glandular function fully nutrified and supported to bring your cells up to full potential leading to the body easily releasing food. An abundant diet of nutrient dense foods will allow the body to release unwanted fat and inflammation easily. This is truly the right and healthy way to massive and sustained results!

Is strenuous exercise needed to get healthy or lose weight?

Repairing your insides first leads to the result you desire! During the iHEALTHe™ 31-Day Reset Plan, there is a strict ‘no strenuous exercise’ rule in place. Exercise causes inflammation, and we are repairing your body to combat inflammation. Less strenuous exercise such as yoga and light walking are acceptable. Regular exercise can begin during the 14-Day Sustain Plan. 

Is there a magic pill, shake or potion that will give me good health and sustained weight loss?

Many of these short-cut ideas to shedding fat have harmful side effects. For this reason, some of the popular ingredients in weight loss products have been banned by the FDA. Among the side effects includes: increased heart rate, high blood pressure, agitation, diarrhea, sleeplessness, kidney problems, liver damage, rectal bleeding etc. Every one of your 70 trillion cells needs nutrient dense foods combined with the other proven iHEALTHe™ strategies to create good health and weight loss

I've tried other methods in the past how can iHEALTHe™ help?

Lets discuss what your body is dealing with on a daily basis first…
Todays eating habits consist of foods that are stripped of nutrients and that are highly processed, destroying our microbiome. The toxins and our daily stresses
throw our bodies natural hormonal balances into chaos. The body has no choice but to be in constant fight or flight mode that creates inflammation and weight gain, the root cause of all illness.
The iHEALTHe™ “Reset Your Health” program along with its alchemy of proven health strategies and proprietary homeopathic formula’s, helps a body that is need of rest, repair and rejuvenation. The program is designed to provide nutrients and hydration while aligning each of the 70 trillion cells.