Real Foods vs Empty Foods

Eat! But eat well. Our bodies are whole, needing full nutrients, fats, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and so much more REAL elements. Processed, packaged, fat-free or low-fat foods, low or no-sodium foods have more chemicals to give taste. Do not be fooled by the labels. There are hidden sodium and sugars that are not always indicated.

There are so many misconceptions regarding fats and saying how bad it is for you. We need fats in our bodies. We need cholesterol, but of the good kind. We are made to think we are doing ourselves a favour by eating low or non-fat and sodium-free foods. But by doing this you are depriving your body from essential nutrition. Without healthy fats, our brains, nervous systems, and endocrine systems will not function properly. Low-sodium and low or non-fat prepared foods in the market will affect your bones, heart, arteries, and circulation, as well as the brain and nervous system. These foods are EMPTY foods. There is nothing in them for our bodies to utilize and be sustained by.

Eat real foods … Whole foods … Healthy foods. And, when you prepare at home, use the healthy fats and oils, such as quality first cold-pressed olive oil and organic coconut oil. Use Himalayan salt that will give you numerous health benefits. iHEALTHe® Wellness focuses on helping each one to benefit from their food intake and lifestyle.

Live your life well. Eat well. Eat right. You have been given one body. So, treat it right and treat your life as the valuable gift it is.

Wishing you always the best in health,



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