Shakes and Pills... don’t buy into it!

What is your goal?

Is it just to look good even if it means you won’t feel good? Is it really only about lowering numbers on a scale? Here’s the good news; if you’re looking for a healthy and effective route to wellness, then you must read on.

How effective are pills and shakes when it comes to weight loss? First, let’s distinguish between weight loss and fat loss, as they are not the same thing. Fat loss that is achieved by way of removing systemic inflammation brings wellness to the entire body; internally, mentally, and physically. Whereas, losing pounds that targets both fat and precious muscle is a path to becoming less healthy than you were when you started. This will inevitably send hormonal functions and vital systems into total chaos and disarray. Sure, stepping on a scale and seeing lower numbers may put a smile on most people’s faces, however, we know ANY weight loss is not necessarily a good weight loss. Knowing this would logically tell us to focus on the circumstances needed to burn only fat and not precious muscle.

What are these circumstances you might ask?

Well it’s definitely not found in diet pills. They only serve to trick the body by suppressing the appetite, or effect the body with a stimulant, forcing it into a hyper anabolic or aerobic mode of burning. This only serves as a temporary fix at the cost of leaving your body in an even more dysfunctional state, and ultimately dependent on these pills long term, which also creates bad side effects that can cause long-term damage.

Non-food items, such as powdered formulas, tries to trick your body into thinking it’s getting proper supplementation. However, these products are devoid of live natural nutrients and when absorbed, can potentially create a plaster-like residue in your intestinal tract. Over time this further increases the rate of malabsorption of necessary nutrients. Further to this, many formulas are too heavy in proteins that can actually cause harm to our kidneys.

It needs to be said and understood that the human body is never fooled. The natural processes that govern digestion and nutrification are all involuntary. The body has a specific agenda, which is to absorb, heal, repair, and eliminate toxins. When quick fixes from gimmicky supplements or shakes are involved, the body can only cope until it’s given what it really needs.

So, what are the circumstances that allows you to get the job of fat burning done safely and quickly with the highest quality of wellness you can bring to your life?

The answer is the iHEALTHe™ “Reset Your Health” program. We will support you during this 31-Day Reset Plan, and also share with you critical information so that you may understand how the body truly wants to be fueled. We’ve taken out the guesswork for you and designed it in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow program to naturally adapt into your everyday life. By simply following our program, you will naturally absorb and apply the concepts learned.

It cannot be stressed enough that there is NO magic pill, shake, or short-cut that will allow the body to rid itself of systemic inflammation, or what caused it to become inflamed in the first place. Merely masking symptoms is not the same as addressing them. Pills and shakes will never teach you which processes took you down that unfortunate path of ‘dis-ease’.

If you are looking to melt fat while saving and protecting precious muscle,  you’ve found the right program at the iHEALTHe™ Institute. This is the most effective true wellness program achieved in the shortest time frame possible by relieving you of pain and potentially of toxic medications.