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Let's hear from our happy, healthy APEX31 Champions!

Now you’ve read a bit of why we love our products. It’s time to hear from our APEX31 Champions. We’ve lined up some testimonials from real users of iHEALTHe formulas and products to share a little more insight. How has iHEALTHe changed the lives of our Champions for the better? Read on to find out more.

“This will be the last weight loss program you will ever be on. It repairs your health and you will lose weight on it 100%. I lost 35 pounds and it feels like 45. You lose fat, not muscle and it is a totally different weight loss program. I got off my blood pressure medication and I have never felt better in my life. Everyone tells me I look 20 years younger! This program makes sense – it is very easy to do. Imagine losing a pound a day and feeling great and not being hungry. It will change your life completely. Thank you

Sophia Voskakis

Reset Champion 

“Having struggled with weight loss my whole life, I wasn’t interested in another ‘success’ story turned sour. I heard about the program and watched others go through it and waited. It worked on everyone and they seemed to keep the weight off so I decided to enroll my whole family on this journey. My daughter 26, my fiancé 50, and myself 48 years old…All different ages, sex and body type were successful losing a combined total of over 110lbs!!…I’ve been off the program for over a month now enjoying a new modified diet and lifestyle where I feel energetic, satisfied, and accomplished and haven’t gained ANY weight back. Being educated on how food is processed in my body and feeling the negative effects of the foods I once craved and loved help keep me away. I’m healthy, happy, and in love with my new body and my new lifestyle. Never going back and thrilled to get dressed in the morning and show off my results!”

Alex L

Real Estate Agent & Reset Champion

“Doing this program I picked up a bunch of information. Losing weight was just the outcome of the program and the all the information I absorbed from doing it a couple times showed me how to live the rest of my life day by day, so I don’t put weight back on. I am now down 112 pounds thanks to the program.”


Reset Champion & Entrepreneur

“My weight was out of control. I was not happy with what I saw when I looked in the mirror and was feeling tired and sore all the time. Inflammation was at an all time high and I had ZERO energy and motivation. I was willing to try anything!!! After my first week of detoxification, I was feeling more energized and the meal prep was a no brainer. I did not miss carbs whatsoever. From a 2-3 times per week pasta eater to none at all, and now after a year of being off the program, we maybe have a plate once every few months. This reset truly changed me.”

Nadia S


iHEALTHe® Reset has changed my life!

I’ve suffered from migraines since the age of 12…battled arthritis pain for the last 10 years, inflammation, poor digestion, and chronic constipation. 

I was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago which turned my life into a living nightmare.  Between medication, treatment, multiple surgeries, stress, and anxiety I wasnt in a good space emotionally, mentally, and physically. I became depressed and angry and turned to food for comfort – I was self-destructing! 

Thanks to my childhood friend Ruben Lancia for noticing ME and how much I was suffering and for helping me realize that Im stronger than I think. All he said was… Trust me…just try it one time. Whats the worst that can happen?”  

I now live free from migraines, pain, and inflammation and finally understand my body and what it truly needs. Some TLC!  Thank you to iHEALTHe® Wellness. 

Claudia M


“Losing the weight and then keeping it off for more than a few months. I have a heart issue that seems to be reversed, no more water retention or swelling around my body, and no aches or pains. I lost 31 pounds in 31 days. Then I decided to continue onwards to lose more fat. I ended up losing 72 pounds in total. I got through because the coaches said 100% of the people who do the plan 100% get results and I really wanted results. I learned a lot of things and yes definitely will be using what I have learned for the rest of my life. I absolutely will share this with everyone who will listen.”

Lloyd L


“My name is Wimilton Paulino. I am 34 years old. I am a heavy equipment operator. 


 I heard about the reset after seeing before pictures of Ruben Lancia and then meeting him in person and obviously noting the significant changes. We talked a bit and then I followed up with him letting him know I was ready to begin the journey to a healthier me.  

The biggest challenge for me was that I love to eat and try new foods which led to a big beer belly. I did not have energy once I was home from work and spent much of my weekends lazing around. Since beginning the program, I have not only lost 62lbs of my old self, but my energy levels have significantly changed. I now spend my free time playing outdoors with my kids, adventuring with my family, renovating my home, as well as gardening and landscaping. No more sitting around being lazy and watching TV as before.  

The toughest part for me was trying to change my outlook and negative ideas about dieting and grasping the idea that I could only eat at lunch and dinner. My belief was that this was going to be more difficult than I thought especially because I am a labourer, constantly pushing my body when I work. However, with the help of my wife and Ruben’s constant support, I realized that all the myths about dieting were just that. I have learned (and my body is proof), that anything can be done with self-determination and will. I not only look better, younger, and healthier, but I feel better than I ever have before.  


 I not only changed my appearance and physical health, but it has helped me change my whole perspective on life and continuing to encourage and share this journey with my family and friends.  I am now proud to be me and so proud to share the diet with anyone willing to give me even 5 minutes of their time. I never thought it would be so easy and so life changing. My goal is to share this journey with as many people possible so that many can enjoy this wonderful gift of life with more energy and better health. 

I have introduced the program to 5 people already and I do not plan on stopping there. Seeing my friends and family healthy and happy is the best gift I could ask for. I look forward to many healthy and happy years on this journey we call life, thanks to iHEALTHe®. “





“Andrea has followed the program to a tee and has benefited tremendously with her results. She feels more energetic and healthy. It’s been a great life changing experience for her.”

Angelo has lost a total of 54 pounds on the Reset Plan. A true leader in the industry, he has taken on the role of head coach for the company. Through his amazing journey in the Reset Plan, Angelo is able to help and coach many individuals going through the plan. He is an educator, supporter, and creator of many of the pieces that make iHEALTHe® Reset Your Health program.

Angelo V


It was hugely beneficial to have a support system with me.  I am grateful to all the coaches and staff at iHEALTHe® Institute. This has truly been a life changing experience. 




“Daniella is a true Reset Champion. She has had an amazing experience on the program and has achieved tremendous results. She continues to live a healthy, happy lifestyle. The Reset Plan has taught her so much about nutrition and how her body reacts with the foods you feed it. Congratulations on your success Daniella!”



“The weight loss was steady and things were going well on the program.  I noticed the activity levels for the other co-workers had improved, but not mine.  Was it a combination of allergies, dust, smoking, or the heat that made it difficult for me to breathe?  I was already about 35 pounds lighter, but what was happening?  Then the phone call came.  Everything in my world came to a halt.  I was advised by my doctors that the weight loss was good and it helped me.”



“I have had some challenges. Feeling lethargic, overweight, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, constant inflammation in my knee. I learned so much being on the program.  I’ve learned how my body reacts to certain foods, and even if I had cheat days I learned how to eat to keep my body and weight where I want it to be.  Basically iHealthe® taught me how to be in control.

After the program, I have been sleeping a lot better, breathing better, more energy, blood pressure is the lowest it’s ever been, sleep apnea gone, no more inflammation in my knee. I would 1000% recommend this to anyone.   I wish I actually did this program sooner.”



“So 31 days passed and I never thought in such a short time I would do as well on this program or feel so much better. I was suffering from a back injury and feeling stiff and full of inflammation. So I knew I had to do something. I’ve known Angelo for many years and reached out to him to see if this program could help me too. My wife decided to do it as well to make it easier and have a higher degree of success. She didn’t really need to do this like I did but she wanted to. That does make it easier. I still think I will do another session because of the excess weight and neglect I had done to my body over the years but with the results and ease of implementing the tips I have learned this doesn’t seem difficult or the feeling of being defeated. It is possible. I feel better than I have in maybe 10 years. My injury and pain from my back is greatly diminished and I find myself doing more and enjoying things again. So this has not only helped my physical state, but mental and spiritual as well. Things don’t seem to be as big a deal as they were before. In the end, it was the right thing to do and while the results were for me, my family benefits from it too. Like I said, this is just the start. Thanks to my friend Angelo and my wife for taking this journey with me. “BABY I’M BACK!””

Sam A


“EPIC! ….50 pounds of fat loss.

Meet Angelo, 56 years old turning back the clock while eliminating diabetic meds, arthritic meds, breathing issues, and inflammation.

This is a man who has found the answers at iHEALTHe® Wellness.

We are here for you too!”

Angelo S


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