The Good News About Improving Your Diet.

Thoughts by Jason Julian, VP of Business Development, 

iHEALTHe® Institute

Many of our tastes, food cravings, and general attitudes to food are strongly influenced by what we eat and drink.

The average modern diet is loaded with sugar, fat, and sodium, all of which condition us to want more of these items. But if you can break out of this dependence on junk-ingredients for even 2-3 weeks, you will notice a huge difference in your tastes. 

Here is an encouraging fact … our taste buds, which right now may crave sugars and carbs, are not “fixed”. You can actually change them!

It’s all about what I call TBE …Taste Buds Exposure. I learned that our taste buds are like skin cells (epithelial) and as such they can regenerate every 8-12 days. The way I was taught was simply to try something you may have not really like and to stick with it. For me, that was cucumbers. I knew how good they were for me but could not get past the taste. The next step would be to cut a slice of cucumber and eat it every day. The body/brain will begin to associate the cucumber slice with the health benefits. Your taste buds will develop and, like me, I now love cucumbers and even put them in my water!

This now leads me to my point …Think Healthy Eating, Not Weight Loss!

In my experience, one of the most effective weight loss strategies is to focus on healthy eating. I’m not saying you shouldn’t stand on your weighing scales. Just don’t measure progress exclusively by what the scales say. Be aware that it is just as important to enjoy your food and feel good about your change of eating habits. Any diet you hate is guaranteed to fail, no matter how much weight you lose, because as soon as you achieve your goal, you will revert to your old eating habits and regain every pound lost. This is why an iHEALTHe Reset is foundational because it’s not a “diet” per se. It is designed to lead you to a healthy lifestyle by learning and understanding what right foods remove inflammation and keep balance. It is a way of life. Believe me, when you see the results, you will have a newfound motivation to stay that way. 

Live iHEALTHe!

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