The Most Important, Beautiful, Amazing and Adaptive Tool On This Planet Is The Body We Are Born With

by Angelo Vilardo

iHEALTHe® Institute Head Wellness Coach

Imagine if our bodies were NOT adaptive. What would our life look like from the moment of birth if all the body wanted to do is break down at every opportunity rather than fix and heal itself the way it does? If this was the case, then I believe it would mean we would spend the better portion of our daily lives finding ways to keep it in perfect working condition in order to stay alive and function at our best. After all, the better our body functions, the easier our daily tasks are realized. 

This is, in essence, the funny part. Just how much do we take our bodies for granted? Since our bodies only want to adapt and heal, we have no problem putting it through all kinds of stresses that ultimately inflame our bodies. Our body always does its best to not let us down and handle these stresses. The inflammation itself is one of the main protective measures we have. 

However, it can only do its best for so long if we do not change our ways. Systems start to break down and we operate at 60 % of our ability or even less. This results in us finding daily challenges daunting and tedious. This is where the iHEALTHe® 31 Day Reset plan comes into play. It is exactly as the word implies – “RESET”. Taking this miraculous vessel, the human body, and catapulting it back into the 100th percentile of body function and mind clarity, taking on the best project you will ever attempt – THE BEST YOU! Only 31 days to make life more powerful and vibrant. Protect your body. It’s the only one you have! 


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