The Path Of Champions!

Ever notice how much easier it is to get yourself into trouble when you take a leisurely drive around town with no real destination in mind?

You’ll be driving along, enjoying the scenery, and then suddenly, this amazing little café catches your eye. You quickly react to swerve over and stop, never noticing how your lack of direction or purpose almost caused an accident behind you.

Think for a moment about leaving your house with the intent to go get groceries now. Every bit of that drive has you thinking and focused on, in advance, which street is coming up and which lane you’d need to be in to make that turn. In other words, preparedness.

Most, if not all, winning strategies are focused around leaving nothing to chance. Preparing in advance what your goals are and what you’ll need to do to accomplish them is the work of CHAMPIONS. To add to this, the ability to pivot is immensely valuable. You strive and you push, you plan, and you act upon, but, if it seems that the result isn’t the result you want, you pivot. To pivot where most have just stopped is another skill possessed by CHAMPIONS.

The important take away is that although you might have a goal you’d like to accomplish, it should be noted that even a donkey with a plan will beat a genius without a plan.

Applying these strategies to the wellness program that is iHEALTHe®, will not only ensure that you have never put yourself in a position to fail, but that you’ll have success of the highest order.

Plan your meals and prepare them the day before. Put out all the water you need to drink and sip it all day (make use of your alarm on your cell phone if it helps), and above all, take your sprays and watch the Zoom sessions. By adding in a good night’s sleep and a daily walk you’ve stepped into the shoes of the many iHEALTHe® CHAMPIONS before you.

Well done!

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