The Trouble with Façades

Being in the space of health and wellness must be the most enlightening and rewarding, yet perplexing, thing a person can pursue. There is much to navigate in order to decipher what is real and what is a façade. 

Reading articles and journals that shed light on breakthrough concepts is so gratifying because piecing together the mechanisms that govern the proper function of our human bodies is beneficial to us all. Who wouldn’t want to know the straightest path to lasting health, especially when it means keeping unwanted fat off our bodies as a reward for treating ourselves right?

There is no shortage of diets and wellness programs at large, not to mention the different schools of thought surrounding them. Most of them, however, can have us scratching our heads. It appears there are two ways of approaching weight loss. The correct way and, unfortunately, all the rest. 

Programs exist in which rewarding yourself with a piece of cake is part of the program. It’s even shown in the advertisement that you can do the job of “losing weight” and for your efforts you can eat a food that we all know isn’t the best choice but, in this case, fits into the program’s calorie allotment. As if calories are all that matter! It could be compared to having gone through a lung cancer treatment and, upon hearing the great news that the treatment is working, your doctor says you can have a cigarette in celebration. It makes about as much sense as falling asleep on your TV while you were watching your couch…. Backward nonsense. 

Yet this has very much been the norm in this space, confusing health and wellness with the notion that any way at arriving at weight loss is the same as being healthy. Think about this for a moment. Is losing weight making you healthy or is getting healthy going to affect FAT loss? Let’s face it, not all reasons for weight loss are good. Losing weight due to sickness isn’t the healthy way. Knowing how to correctly affect FAT loss is what you really want and junk food as a reward isn’t going to cut it. Never has, never will. So, why sell the notion that it is? 

In a world of perception, the issue of self-image does not get a pass. It is as big a market as any other. It can be seen all over social media, advertising, television, and heard on the radio. Making sure that people think you look good is a big deal regardless of how you feel. Perception seems to be everything and there is no escaping it. So, the idea of really getting healthy was replaced by the perception of health. Magic pills and shakes that trick the body into weight loss yet all the while causing more damage, became the norm…. Backward nonsense. 

The money grab in one of the most lucrative spaces has turned real health into, “Give them what they want and tell them what they want to hear”. This is the approach that has people viewing health and wellness as a quick fix and put out an image of health in place of truly getting healthy. In fact, the process making them less healthy in the pursuit of “looking” healthy keeps feeding the machine because it never stops. 

The part that really doesn’t make any sense at all is that when real wellness is the goal, the body can’t rid itself of fat any faster. This could not be further from the truth! Yes, that’s right. The body, when not tricked or forced, loses FAT faster than any gimmick that fakes the funk ever could. Only now your reward is solid information and lasting wellness that gets you looking healthier than you’ve ever been because you actually ARE HEALTHY! 

Innovative Health Education is what’s needed so that no time is wasted in the pursuit of health or fat loss.

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