Understanding the Pitfalls of the Gym Will Help You Conquer Your Weight Loss….

by Angelo Vilardo

iHEALTHe Institute Corporate Head Wellness Coach

Imagine yourself as a perfectly designed specimen. You have the potential to do anything you want. However, year after year and decade after decade, your environment, food choices, lack of vitamins and minerals, and daily stresses have eroded your power to regenerate, rest, and heal like you once did.

In this inferior state, it is the worst time to push your hormonally imbalanced and nutritionally deprived body to its limits at the gym. It is that sort of punishment that has your nervous system in “fight or flight” mode which creates spiked cortisol levels. It also has the effect of lowering your immune system for hours after your gym session. Understanding the importance of rest and decompression, along with taking in nutrient dense food, puts your body in the optimal position to shed unwanted fat safely, yet rapidly.

The iHEALTHe Reset Your Health Program addresses all the pitfalls for you, so that when you do decide to hit the gym, you will perform at peak power and achieve massive results!


P.S. This is what the iHEALTHe Institute’s Reset Your Health Program is about. It is not about keeping you in the dark nor about having you guess what your next step should be. Why spend hundreds of hours researching what you think you should do? The guided iHEALTHe the 31 Day Reset sets you on the most direct path to your goal of health and wellness while helping you shed unwanted pounds.

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