What You Resist PERSISTS!

Thoughts from Ruben Lancia, CEO of iHEALTHe® Institute

I heard this once and it stuck with me – “What you resist persists”.

Let’s think about this for a moment. What does, “what you resist persists” mean exactly?

Another way of saying this is what you concentrate or focus on is exactly what is attracted to you. This can be applied to many things in life and it works for good things as well as not so good things. Therefore, it is logical to say that if you focus on what you want to avoid, then possibly what you are avoiding is attracted to you. If you focus on scarcity, then scarcity, not abundance, is attracted to you.  I truly believe that this was evident in the life of Mother Theresa; she never participated in anti-war rallies. However, she decided to focus and concentrate on peace rallies instead.  I believe this was because she understood she did not want to bring attention to war, but rather wanted to bring attention to peace. Again, “What you resist persists”.

This exact principle can easily be applied to your health and weight struggles. Just maybe you are focusing way too much on losing weight rather than getting healthy. Imagine focusing on getting healthy and doing the things necessary to achieve better health. Then the excess weight, or fat stores, and a whole bunch of other challenges caused by inflammation, have no place to survive in your body. It makes sense then to concentrate or focus on your health and all else will follow naturally. 

At the iHEALTHe® Institute this is exactly what we do. We often say that “this will be the last get healthy weight loss program you will ever need”. We stand behind this 100% – we put health gain before weight loss. 

Find out how simple we have made this process with innovative proven health strategies. 31 days is all it takes to change the rest of your life! Learn why and how!


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