What’s Your Why?

Thoughts by Angelo Vilardo, Head Wellness Coach

iHEALTHe® Wellness

A pivotal moment in your life is like a hot iron searing an impression in your brain. It’s you saying something like, “no way that’s happening to me again”. Essentially you are putting your foot down. It’s a moment that made you choose which fork in the road you’re going to take. This is critical to your future because it shapes your thinking forever. It becomes your “WHY”. It’s your HARD and FAST reason for doing something or not doing something. 

For example, take two people that want to get healthy or lean. One person jumps in with both feet in and crushes it, while the other cannot decide if they want to stay with it based on a conflicted excuse. 

I tell you this, it is a way bigger task to persevere if your WHY is weak, or you don’t believe in your own WHY to begin with. 

You need laser focus on your mission. You need to be as stubborn as a mule when it comes to your WHY! There has to be an instant snap back if you ever have a stray thought that’s not in line with your WHY. 

This is my experience with what gives one person the strength to effortlessly move mountains while others make a mountain out of a bump. Some call it Will Power. I call it your WHY. 


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