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You’ve Got Questions?

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you learn more about iHEALTHe®.

If you still have questions, please contact us or connect with our Live Chat agent.

About iHEALTHe®'s APEX31 Day Plan
Who is iHEALTHe® Wellness and how does the APEX31 Day Plan work?
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We are an innovative health education company. Our focus is on awareness and standing for human wellness.  iHEALTHe® Wellness has devised a system that not only puts our APEX31 Champions health first but has them taking charge of their future sustained wellness. It is a program tailor made to fit one’s internal wellness needs that then project out into their daily lives. Trading illness for wellness and weakness for vibrancy with our well devised and supervised APEX31 Day Plan. As medicine supports illness, understanding nutrition is for wellness.

What sets iHEALTHe® apart from everyone else?
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Unlike other programs, ours is not a lifelong diet. It has a beginning and an end, which then becomes a paradigm shift in your habits and lifestyle that you carry forward in life.

We have worked with our formulation team to create only superior quality healthcare products. Our Micro-Nutrient Reset Formula is proprietary and only uses high quality ingredients. Our unique formula is prepared to help balance appetite, safely detoxify, increase energy, assist in proper metabolization and assimilation of nutrients, and remove excess fat stores naturally while providing lean muscle protection. This proprietary formulation is designed to optimize the APEX31 Day Plan to the fullest.

Clients frequently report to us that they feel much better and have less hunger issues, less inflammatory pain, and improved energy while taking the formula in comparison to other weight loss programs they have tried. When used for improved health or as part of the self-directed APEX31 Day Plan, along with dietary and lifestyle changes learned on this program, it is safe, effective, and affordable.

How much weight can I expect to lose in the program?
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While weight loss will vary individually as everyone is different, many people have lost between 20-40+ pounds on the 31-Day Release Plan. Women have been known to drop 2-3+ dress sizes while on the 31-Day Release.

Every person is unique and different. There are many factors to weight loss, including how much excess weight you have; how much weight needs to be lost, and your adherence to the APEX31 Day Plan. Because our program targets fat stores, and fat weighs less than muscle, it will look like you lost a lot more weight on our program than other programs that consume your muscle as part of your weight loss. 20 pounds of fat loss with our program, looks like 30 pounds!

I’ve tried other methods in the past. How can iHEALTHe® help?
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Let’s discuss what your body is dealing with on a daily basis first…

Today’s eating habits consist of foods that are stripped of nutrients and that are highly processed, destroying our microbiome. The toxins and our daily stresses throw our body’s natural hormonal balances into chaos. The body has no choice but to be in constant fight or flight mode that creates inflammation and weight gain, the root cause of all illness.

iHEALTHe®'s APEX31 Day Plan along with its alchemy of proven health strategies and proprietary homeopathic formulas, helps a body that is need of rest, repair and rejuvenation. The program is designed to provide nutrients and hydration while aligning each of the 70 trillion cells.

Is the iHEALTHe® APEX31 Day Plan which includes the iHEALTHe® Micro-Nutrient Formula, safe for both men and women?
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Yes, this program is safe for both men and women. Despite the differences between the sexes, the homeopathic formula has been created to help all clients on the program.

Is strenuous exercise needed to get healthy or lose weight?
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Repairing your insides first leads to the results you desire! During the iHEALTHe® APEX31 Day Plan Release Phase, there is a strict ‘no strenuos exercise’ rule in place. Exercise causes inflammation, and we are repairing your body to combat inflammation. Less strenuous exercise such as yoga and light walking are acceptable. Regular exercise can begin during the Sustain Phase.

Can I exercise daily?
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While on the iHEALTHe® APEX31 Day Plan Release Phase we only recommend light exercise if you desire. Twenty (20) minutes of low intensity walking, (or activities such as yoga, stretching, light dancing, housework, light yard work) is acceptable. We simply ask that you give us 31 days with minimal or zero intensive exercise, but this is not to be confused with being lazy and sedentary. Heavy exercise induces inflammation, which is fine if your body is capable of quick and proper recovery. The purpose of this program is to help heal your body of inflammation that is already occurring systemically. It is important to allow your body to heal internally to remove inflammation, allow for reset and proper recovery. Only then, once you are done with the 31 days, we strongly encourage effective exercising, as your body will now be better primed for more strenuous activities.

The body is not able to metabolize fat as fast as it is burned with exercise, you have a significantly greater chance for injury due to rapid onset fatigue. Once you are done with the 31 days, we strongly encourage increasing your exercise regime as tolerated.

Can starving the body create a healthy life and sustained weight loss?
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Starving yourself to lose weight creates more harm than good. Any results achieved are not sustainable! The main problem is that you are missing out on essential nutrients. Crash diets or fad diets can be limited in the variety of food consumed. The side effects of this methodology are abundant. With the iHEALTHe® APEX31 Day Plan, you will have your body and glandular function fully nutrified and supported to bring your cells up to full potential leading to the body easily releasing food. An abundant diet of nutrient dense foods will allow the body to release unwanted fat and inflammation easily. This is truly the right and healthy way to massive and sustained results!

Will my metabolism slow down if I am on a calorie restricted diet?
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It is a fact that when dramatically cutting back on calories, our body stores fat and our metabolism slows down. This is what is referred to as “starvation mode”. This occurs because the body wants to preserve itself and stores the most calorie dense material. A pound (454g) of stored fat has approximately 3500 calories. When this is metabolized or burned (especially during exercise), it will provide additional calories to augment those from your approximate 2 pounds (1kg) of high-quality nutritious daily food consumption while on the APEX31 Day Plan Release Phase and taking the Micro-Nutrient Reset Formula, for body energy and other life-sustaining physiological processes.

When very specific dietary/lifestyle changes are learned through implementation of the strategies in the APEX31 Day Plan Release Phase, in conjunction with the iHEALTHe® Micro-Nutrient Release Formula, the body will more readily perform the process of fatty acid transportation and metabolism. This will aid your body in mobilizing and utilizing fat stores to give you the calories that are needed in addition to your daily consumption of food. The iHEALTHe® Micro-Nutrient Release Formula, when combined with the specific blend of high-quality and anti-inflammatory foods in the iHEALTHe® program, will help to keep the body from going into a starvation mode by allowing excess body fat to be more easily burned on a daily basis. Adherence to the specifics of the iHEALTHe® APEX31 Day Plan is essential for optimum results to be obtained.

Will I get hungry?
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While it is common to feel mild hunger during the first few days, this sensation will usually stop after 4-6 days. By the end of the first week, you will find your servings to be more than satisfying. This is because the proprietary iHEALTHe® Micro-Nutrient Release Formula is specifically formulated to aid in blood sugar stabilization and facilitating improved nutrient absorption making it a natural hunger and cravings suppressor. So even though you are taking in fewer calories, your body is being given the substances it needs to more easily access the energy you have stored in fat cells. Drinking the right amount of water as prescribed in the program will additionally act as an extra hunger suppressant and help keep your energy level high. As a “rule of thumb”, the average person on the “Reset Your Health” Program has plenty of energy, and generally feels great while on the program.

Can I take the iHEALTHe® Micro-Nutrient Release Formula if I am pregnant or breast-feeding?
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If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, do not start the APEX31 Day Plan. If you become pregnant during the program, immediately stop taking the formula. Do not calorie restrict and consult your healthcare provider.

Does the weight loss slow down after the first two weeks?
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Quite often, there is a large amount of weight loss in the first week, then a gradual slowing of weight loss. This does not mean that your weight loss has stopped. Typically, inches are being lost continuously while on the program, and after a period of time, clients will experience another large drop on the weight scale. Weight loss is thus achieved in this step-like fashion. Some individuals lose more at the beginning of the 31 days whereas some lose more near the end. The good news is that it works for everyone!

Is it OK to skip a meal or protein at one of my meals?
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This is a strict NO! Never skip any of your meals! It’s important to eat all of your allotted food for optimal results. It is especially important that you consume the full portions of protein. Additionally, do not move portions of food from one meal to the next or as a snack to be used between meals. You are now eating for nutrients, not so much for fuel. Your body is ‘re-learning’ how to fuel itself from your fat stores.

Do I have to take vitamins while doing this program?
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All supplementation you will need while doing the APEX31 Day Plan will be included in your kit. Our MEGA Vit/Min and our DGEST are of the highest quality and must be taken as directed in the manuals and journals.

Omegas (3-6-9) or any other oil-based products should be avoided while on the 31 Days of the Release, but these supplements are beneficial to take afterwards.

Is it normal to get a headache during the first week?
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Some people may experience headaches or nausea during the first week. It is most often due to dependencies on things like coffee or carbohydrates subsiding or it may also be due to the fact that your body stores its toxins in your fat cells and when the fat cells are used for energy, the toxins are released into your body. If you experience headaches while on the program, please email your iHEALTHe® Coach. Also, refer to the in-depth 31-Day Release Manual for instructions.

Can I drink alcohol while on the 31-Day Release Plan?
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We strongly recommend that a person does not consume alcohol while on the APEX31 Day Plan. Some APEX31 Champions who have been drinkers, or even those who are borderline alcoholic, do surprisingly well on this program. If the simple instructions of the program are followed correctly, the program can assist the individual to break free from their drinking routine. Our Reset Champions have commented that they do not even feel the need to drink alcohol while on the APEX31 Day Plan, nor crave it after completing the program.

Can I wear make-up?
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Yes, you can! However, avoiding lotions, moisturizers or liquid make-ups with oil may improve the weight loss. You can use any mineral make-up, pressed powders and oil free foundation. Eye make-up and lipstick are okay (lip gloss is okay if the ingredients are not oily). Try to avoid products like chapstick (or similar products) and those that contain petroleum jelly. If your lips get dry, we recommend the use of organic, non-GMO products. If a body moisturizer is needed, it is recommended that you use oil free moisturizer. Most of our clients find that, because they are eating a healthier diet and drinking more water, they no longer need to use lotions.

Our Formulas
Where are the iHEALTHe® Micro-Nutrient Formulas manufactured and what are the quality control guidelines?
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Each of our formulas are manufactured in Canada. The manufacturing facility complies with Health Canada Standards for highest manufacturing standards, and all formulas are produced with the highest quality of ingredients. This is subject to routine inspections by Health Canada to ensure compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices for quality control and your safety.

Is there a magic pill, shake or potion that will give me good health and sustained weight loss?
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Many of these short-cut ideas to shedding fat have harmful side effects. For this reason, some of the popular ingredients in weight loss products have been banned by the FDA. Among the side effects includes: increased heart rate, high blood pressure, agitation, diarrhea, sleeplessness, kidney problems, liver damage, rectal bleeding etc. Every one of your 70 trillion cells needs nutrient dense foods combined with the other proven iHEALTHe® strategies to create good health and weight loss.

What sets the iHEALTHe® Wellness Formulas apart from the rest?
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Unlike lower grade products, you will not find these formulas being sold online or by other companies. We have worked with our formulation team to create only superior quality healthcare products. Our Micro-Nutrient Release and Sustain Formulas are proprietary and only use high quality ingredients. Our unique formulas are prepared to help balance appetite, safely detoxify, increase energy, assist in proper metabolization and assimilation of nutrients, and remove excess fat stores naturally while providing lean muscle protection. This proprietary formulations are designed to optimize the APEX31 Day Plan to the fullest. Clients frequently report to us that they feel much better and have less hunger issues, less inflammatory pain, and improved energy while taking the formula in comparison to other weight loss programs they have tried. When used for improved health or as part of the self-directed “Reset Your Health” Program, along with dietary and lifestyle changes learned on this program, it is safe, effective, and affordable.

Wouldn't I lose the same amount of weight eating a calorie restricted diet only, without taking the Micro-Nutrient Formulas?
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While a person will lose weight when on a calorie restricted diet, without the additional nutritional metabolization and absorption support provided by the iHEALTHe® Micro-Nutrient Formulas, the body will rapidly go into “starvation mode”. Starvation mode is a protective function of the human body. When an individual consumes fewer calories than they normally consume over a prolonged period of time, the human body will actually slow down the metabolism, start burning muscle for energy and attempt to store any fat that is consumed. This is extremely unhealthy and will only cause a massive ‘rebound’ weight gain when the calorie restriction is discontinued.

Additionally, an individual should never attempt the iHEALTHe®'s APEX31 Day Plan or any of its components without the added support of the iHEALTHe® Micro-Nutrient Formulas. By using the formulas in combination with a specific blend and portion of high-quality, anti-inflammatory foods, plus the wellness strategies used in the program, the body will be more effective at fatty acid transportation and fatty acid metabolism. This will bring you to your target weight, and more importantly, the loss of fat and inches.

Will the iHEALTHe® Micro-Nutrient Formula interfere with any medications I am currently taking?
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The ingredients of the iHEALTHe® Micro-Nutrient Formulas have not been shown to interact with any medications. Even though there are currently no clinically proven side effects to the formulas, as with any diet, we do recommend consulting with your healthcare provider to make sure this program is appropriate for you. 

Will I experience any changes in my menstrual cycle taking the iHEALTHe® Micro-nutrient Formulas?
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No adverse affects will occur in your menstrual cycle by taking the iHEALTHe® Micro-Nutrient Formulas. It has been noted that many women that had previous problems experience improvements with their menstrual cycles on the program while taking the Formulas.

Can I take the iHEALTHe® Micro-Nutrient Release Formula longer than 31 days if I want to keep losing weight?
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Yes! However, we strongly recommend that after the 31-Day Release Plan, you follow up with the Sustain Plan which comes with its own specific formula. This is done to make sure that your body further responds to the healing and building process to lock in and maintain the results you achieved in the 31 days.

Please note:

These above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (USA) or Health Canada. The iHEALTHe® Micro-Nutrient Formulas are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. iHEALTHe® or its Corporate staff make no claims or warranties regarding the process or outcomes of the APEX31 Day Plan. Future and prospective clients are encouraged to research for themselves all information regarding various weight loss programs and recommend discussing their concerns with their healthcare provider before beginning any calorie restricted and/or exercise lifestyle program.

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